Ramel 1Ramel Feliz, Certified Personal Trainer and Competitive Bodybuilder, who resides in the Orlando area and assists residents in the Central Florida area with goals related to strength and conditioning, weight loss, muscle/mass gains, bodybuilding and dietary planning, with outstanding results. With thousands of sessions under his belt, it is his lifelong mission to help others achieve their maximum potential by implementing proper training regimens and nutrition in respect to each individual’s goals.

Ramel Feliz, 28, initially began working out when there was a health risk at 18 years old. He was considered overweight and on the road to Stage 1 Hypertension. His Doctor recommended him to develop an active lifestyle that incorporated daily exercising and proper nutrition which involved elements of the food pyramid. Determined to begin on the right track, He signed up at the gym and the following day and began a training program with a Personal Trainer at that gym. That relationship resulted in Ramel’s motivation in helping others like himself achieve their health and fitness goals. He enrolled at The University of Central Florida, and in 2010, obtained a bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise Science endorsed by the University.

During the hectic schedule of aggressive school work and internships at local Gyms and Physical Therapy facilities, he decided to compete at an All-Natural Bodybuilding Competition in the summer of 10′. He went on stage as a Novice just a month after graduating from college, placing 4th overall at the show held in Lyman High School. These experiences shaped Ramel physically and mentally, with plans to return on stage in 2014.

Ramel’s current training routine consists of High Intense, endurance training, which involves a few body parts targeted per day:

Monday- Chest/Triceps

Tuesday – Back/Biceps

Wednesday – Shoulders

Thursday – Arms

Friday – Legs

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – OFF

**Abs/Core work is performed at least 3 days out of the week, and cardio sessions varies 3-4 days a week following training session.

As for supplements, Ramel relies on solid foods consisting lean protein, complex carbohydrates and high fiber vegetables. If on the run, he consumes Muscle Milk light or RTD’s that are low in sugars and fats.

Ramel has taken 10 years worth of exercising and bodybuilding knowledge and has shared it with his clients so they can achieve the same level of success. For those in the Central Florida area looking for an experienced Fitness Trainer, Email for a FREE Consultation Today!